We won't stop wearing mom jeans

Ahhhh, remember the 90s? ... When boy bands were life and when my biggest problem was my Sony diskman skipping at the bus stop. Some things are meant to stay put in their rightful decade, but what's good always has a way of circling right back. Insert the mom jean.


Let's be honest here, ladies, our clothes just don't seem to fit the same way as they used to pre-kids. Take it from Shakira, our hips (and thighs) don't lie, so we might as well embrace 'em. And show them off while we're at it. I give you the mom jean: The much joked about and now staple in my closet. A throw back like no other, this denim is seriously life changing. The fit, the washes, and yes, even the comfort factor. Yup, I said it, mom jeans are sooooo damn comfy. Turns out you can be comfortable and stylish.    

So why do we love them so? Mom jeans are the double-duty denim that work for casual days and dressier nights out (if you're oh so lucky to get one sans kids.) Although not a necessity, a few well placed rips and tears are bonus for upping the style ante. My fave washes are light to medium - and a good faded black pair has its place in my closet. But most of all, the reason of all reasons why I won't stop wearing my mom jeans is for their high-waisted goodness. A nip and tuck without the snip snip and sew you back together.