Lindsay Lorimer-Stewart

This may not be the life she imagined, but this is now the life she can’t picture differently. Meet Lindsay Lorimer-Stewart, founder of Charley & Co., mama of two, and full-time marketing maven.


As a mama of two under four, Lindsay is busy on the most ordinary of days.  Keeping up with orders for her mompreneur side hustle, Charley & Co. (a monthly curated box for the most discerning of mamas + bébés), caring for her two little ones, and navigating her return to work as a senior marketing manager for GUESS would be enough to keep any of us knee-deep in chardonnay.

Her life is anything but ordinary, however. At just eight months old, following countless tests, Lindsay’s now 15-month old daughter, Charley, was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome - a rare genetic condition that affects less than 4,000 girls worldwide. And although it’s still unknown where Charley will fall on the spectrum, she has the strength of her family behind her doing everything they can to ensure that she reaches her full potential.

Charley, some of the inspiration behind the online biz, is so much more than one in a million. She redefined her family, taught them how to love bigger, laugh harder and how not to sweat the small stuff.  She radiates happiness and has the most contagious smile. She is sweet and pretty. And she is baby sister to brother Nash, who’s three and her fiercest protector.

Lindsay truly has the most positive outlook. “Happy is what we want for our children and ourselves,” she says. “Life is about appreciating the beautiful moments together and letting go of unrealistic expectations.” And in all that they’ve been through with Charley, the little darling has taught them a lot about how to dream in new ways: "I dream a little slower, a little differently," says Lindsay. "But I will never dream smaller."

Dreams really can come true.