Meet Kate Sissons

This mum of two is a birth postpartum doula who, you'll read, found herself in the same boat as her client's following the birth of her twins.

Kate met her now husband just a few short days after being home in Toronto from living abroad. Total time between love and pregnancy: six months. And they didn't find themselves just pregnant, they were pregnant with twins. 

Elliot and Josephine were born around Kate and her husband's first anniversary. Following delivery, this birth and postpartum doula quickly realized she was just like the client's she serves: in a fog and finding yourself in need of physical and emotional support. 

Now you might be asking, what's the difference between a midwife and doula? Midwives can provide medical care, whereas a doula provides support and information to new parents so they can make the best care decisions for their babies.

Kate's role is to the gap between hospital OB care and post-baby care providing birthing classes, pre-and post-natal yoga, baby wearing, and everything under the baby care umbrella. She takes on about 2-3 clients each month because anything more than that isn't fair to her own sanity, or kids. Which brings us to the idea of self care - something she takes very seriously. 

"Find a balance and be sure to give back to yourself," she says. "Self care is about teaching moms to take care of themselves first so that they can be the best version of themselves for their kids." 

Kate also makes the point that self care doesn't always have to mean getting a massage or going away overnight. "Sometimes when you're a new mom making an appointment can feel overwhelming." She recommends 10-minute breaks like going for a walk by yourself; taking a bath; or reading a book. These smaller, more attainable breaks can completely refresh you and change your perspective on things.

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