Meet Lara Marquez

Toronto native and mom of two, she is living proof that it's possible to be fit and fabulous. So much so that it makes you question your own life: #goals. She's also super real and way too humble to think that about herself.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
— Maya Angelou

This mom of girls has got it going on. She's busy, with a two and half year old, Siana, and little Ellia, who just turned one. She runs a fitness coaching business and is now also killing it on social media, - where she gives instagramers a peek into her personal and goal-diggin' lifestyle. But don't get her wrong, things aren't always all barbells and roses. She struggles to find balance when it comes to expressing herself honestly and openly online. "I don't want to come across as the perfect mom, because I'm not," she says. "I try to be as real as possible with the expectations I have for myself and everyone around me."

Her mom, a spunky, 60 year old version of Sophia Vergara, has always been a major influence in her life. And some of Lara's earliest memories of her mother also include being active. "I used to sit on my mom's feet while she did sit ups. Now my girls are doing the same with me." Lara gets how hard it is to get in some sweat time, but swears it's worth it for the feel-goods she gets and the much needed time to hear herself think. She also says it makes her a better mom + wife.  

So what's her secret? To laugh at all the stressful moments and poke fun at her flaws. Her philosophy is simple: "I'm the number one role model for my girls," she says. "If I want them to be happy, positive, and hardworking, I need to be a reflection of those attributes."


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