Should kids make their own fashion choices?

Ahhh, September, how I love 'ya. Like most mums of school-aged kids, i couldn't be more enthusiastic for them to pack their fresh sacks with new goodies and head out. I mean, does anyone else feel like they could use a vacation from their summer vacation? The struggle is all too real.


And then there's the whole struggle of letting your kids choose what they want to wear. I mean, yeah, sure, it's all about their self expression and learning to make better decisions in life, blah, blah, but Mila would seriously wear her cat-themed undies over a kitty-cat skirt to school (t-shirt optional). So tell me, at which point is it acceptable to thwart her confidence in putting together an outfit and step in? If I relinquish control of her wardrobe does that mean I'm letting her grow up too fast, too soon? She's only seven turning seventeen. 
I want so desperately to keep hold of my kid's wardrobes (Mini has waaay better style sense than Mila, btw!) But as much as I try, I just can't. What I can do, however, is all so lovingly guide (sway) their decisions. Here's how: 

Step 1. 
Shop online. Go through your favourite sites and make some pre-selections. Have your top picks at the ready for them to make the final call.
Step 2.
Add to checkout and done. 

Mila gravitated right away to this Herschel Heritage Backpack, because, well, it's purple. Phew. The kid has some style after all. An honourable mention goes to's Emily + Meritt black & white backpack collection.

Natalie Balen-CinelliComment