3+ ways to get great pics of your kids

Looking to capture the perfect shot of your fast-moving targets (a.k.a kids)? Try these three photographer-approved tips to help get the best picture, everytime.

  1. Kids will be kids:
    So let them be themselves. No matter how hard we try to get our kids to pose for the camera, or to dress a certain way, or to even crack a smile, they'll ultimately do what they want. Embrace their quirky fashion sense and their facial expressions - even if they're mostly pouty faces. One day, you'll both look back and smile. 
  2. Make it memorable: 
    Do something they love. Chances are they'll be more engaged and excited to participate in your paparazzi-esque adventures if they're having fun. Take them to skip rocks at the lake, or to eat donuts at a favourite bake shop. Oh, and nothing motivates a little one more than bribery... #truth. 
  3. It's all good: 
    Get them talking. A little chit chat can go a long way when trying to get a picture of your kids. Catch them off-guard with some silly bathroom talk to get them giggling. For the younger crowd, pretend there's a mouse in the camera. Hey, whatever it takes, right?!   

    Enjoy the moment. We don't have to remind you: kids grow up way too fast, so enjoy today - bruised knees and all. Capturing them at this age in this moment is what's important. And have fun! Let us know how you get your kids to gladly say "cheeeese!" in the comments below.      
Natalie Balen-Cinelli is life made modern's resident photographer. When she's not busy taking pics of our kids, she's taking pics of yours. Find her at: @lolabeanphotos.