Capsule packing for kids

I've minimized the stress of packing for a vacation with a wardrobe capsule collection for my kids. I'm mixing a matching 13 items of clothing and one pair of shoes for our two-week Spain get-away.

Packing for the kids is a major part of my stress before any trip. I want them to be comfortable, of course, but I also want them to look photo-ready at all times. I constantly have my camera out (I mean, are you surprised?!) and any occasion while on vacay is a photo op. So here's how I tackled the whole packing bit for them:

1) Match their wardrobes to mine

Denim, black, white, done. And maybe a little gold. Check out some of my favourite combos below and bonus - I tend to buy the kids the same things so I have doubles of everything! I've put together 13 different outfits using these pieces, but there are definitely more options that can work. I'd like to still add in a black/denim romper or casual day dress, but I'm still on the hunt for a good one! I've linked all the goodies directly on the pics below and other items that would work over on our website's SHOP section

2) Lots of dresses & jumpsuits

Who doesn't love a good jumpsuit?! They're simple to wear and fold up easily. I picked these ones up from Zara in early spring and I think they'll be perfect for summer nights in Barcelona, off to dinner in Mallorca, and touring the streets of Madrid.

3) One pair of shoes that ties everything together

I searched everywhere for gold Saltwater Sandals and finally found them at the cutest little kids' shop called Tiny Trendsetter. If you've never had these on your kid (girls or boys) they are amazing. They can get wet (great for rocky beaches), the Surfer & Sweetheart styles can be adjusted to fit the width of your kids' foot (Mini has the narrowest little foot you've ever seen), AND the kids have zero problems with the comfort. 

4) Last, but MOST IMPORTANTLY. LIKE, MOSSSSSSSST IMPORTANTLY: make sure the kids like what's going in their luggage!

I've made the mistake before of organizing outfits for special occasions and then when the time comes, having an all out war with them because they don't like the straps, or it's itchy, or the shoes are too tight. Having them try on and approve every piece is legitimately the only way to avoid last minute meltdowns while you're hustling to get out for a dinner reservation or catch the last serving of ice cream before the shop closes for the night ;)

Now, time to start planning my own capsule. If only they had these outfits in my size I'd be done!