Aruba part 1: All the things we didn't do

I started writing this post with every intention of reviewing my recent family vacation to Aruba. I was going to write a hotel review, what I packed versus what I should've packed, and all the Aruba-esque things I'd imagine you'd want to know before booking a trip. This isn't that kind of post, BUT ... I'm working on 'part deux'... so stay tuned. In the meantime ...

Before we packed up and left I had grand visions of all the amazing beachy photo ops I'd take of my kids while we were there. I mean, if it's not on Insta, did it really even happen?! I planned out our resort-ready outfits, pictured waking the kids up early to hunt for seashells in cut-off jean shorts and gauzy white tops. But, plans change. Especially when travelling with kids and two other families. 

We slept in that first glorious morning, but I quickly realized it was going to be downhill from there. The kids woke up with high fevers. The tired, cranky, miserable kind of fevers. And Mila’s held out for 6 days. Thankfully we were able to manage their temperatures with meds, but the cranky misery still popped its ugly head on and off all week. Every time I pulled my camera out it was a head-turned, flat out, “NO PICTURES!” 

With my plans inching closer to getting heaved out the window with every passing minute, I eventually threw my hands up and gave up. Initially, the documentarian in me died a little, but you know what? It was the best thing I could have done. Instead of being a spectator and living outside the action, I got to be in it, like in it in it. Sand-covered-legs, chocolate ice-cream dripping and pool floaty in it. And although I may not have gotten the glowing goldeny family beach pic I had hoped for, I did manage to make it into a few phone snaps thanks to my sis (and a decent selfie game), and even got a smile or two from the kiddos in the process.

Peace out, Aruba.   

-xo N

Ps. Watch for the second part of my Aruba vacay in Part II, coming to the blog soon.