IKEA hack for big impact

We're big fans of IKEA anything. I mean, what's not to love?! They've pretty well cornered the fast furniture and product market with well designed items that are (easy enough) to install and easy on the wallet. 

Our old home had the most awkward angled wall that was smack dab in the middle of the house on the main floor. Living in a completely open-concept space meant that - just by shear proximity to everything - it needed to serve many, many, many purposes. 

The wall space was close enough to the entryway to be used a console or drop your keys area. It was also close to the dining area and kitchen that it could double as a food and drink station when entertaining. But more practically speaking, it was in, what my five year old dubbed, as the "dance floor" in the living room. 

And so, kids in tow, we made our way through the IKEA maze and settled on a custom variation of the Besta TV unit. By the way...that's the best part of IKEA furniture! You can totally think outside the box and use something that was designed for the living room in a completely different area of your home. We picked this unit for it's storage capabilities. After all it had adjustable closed door shelving. B-I-N-G-O!

Our search wasn't quite over. I wanted to finish the basic white top with something that had a little more impact. We decided on a kiln dried live-edge piece of wood that we found off a buying and selling website. The seller cut the slab to size and gave it a rough sand. And while my then one month old napped, I sanded, and sanded and sanded some more until that slab was as smooth as...well, you get the point. This is such an important step - and also the most time consuming, but it's worth doing if little hands will brush up against it. 

We then sealed all sides of the wood with Tung Oil in a natural finish. Don't skip this step. It seals all the cracks and prevents them from opening up further. Wood is living, meaning it expands and contracts with the seasons, so seal it well. I used about five coats per side. 
And my final tip, If you're going to attempt this yourself, I'd recommend sanding and sealing BOTH sides of the wood (even if only one will be visible). This prevents the wood from warping and buckling.

Good luck and let us know what you think of our #ikeahack in the comments below!

Julia SalernoComment