Playroom essentials: putting the fun in functional

Aside from closing the door and ignoring the mess, a playroom needs to serve double duty. It should be a fun and inspiring space for kids to be kids but also look good for us parents.


What is it with kids and crafting? My guys just can't seem to get enough of shmearing their little fingers in glue. Having a glitter dance party, or colouring on the walls with permanent marker...ugh. Whatever it takes to keep 'em busy, amiright?!? Also, whatever it takes to sneak in some fine + gross motor skill building at home (*wink, wink).

This is such a fantastic playroom. It's got lots of little nooks + cranies for the kiddos to curl up with a book, stretch out and doodle on the chalkboard wall, and to just be wild and free. After all, this space was designed for them.   

Do playrooms get messy? Uhhhh yeah they do. But our solution is simple: have a place for everything. This way mamas happy and the kids are happy too. Because no mother anywhere loves being asked a gagillion times where their daughter's pink stiletto Barbie shoe is. As if you played with it last. AS. IF.

Here are some of our top solutions for keepin' things neat and tidy. And obvi they'll look good too:
1.  This industrial farmhouse wall shelf holds books and is also a great little display caddy.  
2.  Cube bookcases are my jam. They hold SO much stuff! And I love that you can easily add a basket to hide the junk.  
3.  My kids love to perch and sit low to the ground. A pouf is the best way to get-'em cozy and off the floor. We just love it in this metallic colour
4.  A light-weight side table like this one is used to easily cart around markers and other knick knack essentials for play and getting creative. Bonus tip: find one or add wheels for a more kid-friendly push-along.   

wall and display shelves bookcases storage boxes bins and baskets ottomans and poufs end and side tables

This fun and functional space belongs to our friend Jenna Raso (mom to Frankie + Presley). You'll read more on this design-loving mama on the next #mumstheword.

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