Moving right along

Moving is stressful. And it can be doubly overwhelming when there are kids in tow. Here's what I did to help ease the transition.

packing with kids-3.jpg

I'm not the most patient person, I'm a control freak, and change scares the daylights out of me. So when my husband and I decided to buy a fixer-upper on the opposite end of the city, on a whim, naturally we questioned our sanity.

What in the world were we thinking?! We have two kids, do we really have the time (energy) to renovate a house? Confession: I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm one of those weirdos who actually loves renovations. But having said that, shit just got real. Very real. And we began to panic.  

Our house went up on the market and sold some weeks later. All the while we grappled with our decision. We rented a house near the #WeAreBuildingaHouse and when that didn't work out quite as planned, we rented a different house. I enrolled Amelia into a new school, checked out daycare options for James and bobs your uncle. I'm moving right along here and doing all that is possible to avoid confronting the pit in my stomach: A little thing called reality. We're building another house.  

Thankfully, we opted for a long close date so we had some time to get things together. Moving can be overwhelming, especially if you're going about it without a plan of attack.

Here are my moving tips for an easier move day:

1. Organization is the name of the game

First things first, I purged. I went through every closest and every drawer and got rid of what we didn't wear, need, use, or want any longer. I donated and sold tons of furniture, clothing and toys because the last thing you want is to have to lug around stuff you don't need or use any longer. 
WARNING: You will be alarmed by the amount of stuff you own and may even wonder where things came from, or what made you purchase that item in the first place.    

2. Sharpies and labels are your best friends

I bought clear reusable bins with lids like these ones and started filling them. The trick is to start with the items you don't use often and are non-essential to day to day living. This includes things like: decor items, seasonal clothing, party supplies, trinkets, books, etc. I started on the bottom floor of our home and worked my way up to the bedrooms. Label each bin clearly so that on moving day, your movers know exactly where that bin belongs at your new house. Be sure to include FRAGILE on items that are breakable. I used these stickers. 

3. First things first - prioritizing on moving day

On moving day, we made sure that the kids' bedroom furniture was the last to get loaded in to the moving truck and the first out. Their spaces were our first priority to get set-up so that if all else fails, they would have a comfortable space filled with familiar things. I packed an overnight bag for each of us with some extra clothes, our toiletries and a few toys to avoid having to riffle through boxes in search of your toothbrush. TIP: let your kids pick out their favourite toy or stuffy to pack in the overnight bin. It's important to include them in the process whenever possible.  

4. Don't sweat the small stuff

I can't pretend everything will always go smoothly when moving with kids. But take it from a serial renovator and mover (4+ times and counting), it doesn't matter how much you prep, there will always be a scramble and you will always feel as though you've forgotten your most prized possession in a closet somewhere.   

Our architect has submitted our plans to the City. And now we wait. Patiently. Watch for updates coming soon.