When to DIY and when to DI-don't

I'm not much of a DIY'er, but, inspired by Chip + Joanna from the HGTV show Fixer Upper, I thought I'd attempted to install a shiplap wall myself. I mean, how hard could it be? Ah, famous last words.

In an attempt to add a little texture to the walls of our front entry space and to our living room, I decided to embark on a DIY shiplap project. Now, as I said above, I'm not much of a do it myself-er, but I thought this was a doable project. There's not much involved (I thought) seems easy enough to measure, cut, nail, and repeat. But then I started researching just how I'd execute this project. I stumbled on some videos, made a list of what materials (and tools) I'd need and of course how much time it would take. What I didn't take into account was how much time this would r e a l i s t i c a l l y take with kids. And that it isn't as cut and dry as the videos I watched make it look. 

Knowing when to call in help has always been my strong suit. So, I decided to hang my DIY hat and use a lifeline. And good call that was. It took them all of three days to install the boards in both spaces. Real shiplap has a watertight seal and can run expensive. We got a similar look by ripping boards of plywood to an 8" width, giving them a good sand, and using tile spacers for a 1/4" gap between boards. I finished the walls with two coats of Oxford White paint and now we can't get enough of these walls. All the look of shiplap, but at a fraction of the cost.  Lesson learned. 

We enlisted the help of Two Board Guys for this project.  

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