Room for Two

Whether it's due to a lack of space, or because your kids have asked to share a room, having to meet the needs and styles of two littles in one room can pose its challenges.

Maybe it was all that sharing of queen and bunk beds in hotels and at a friend's place during our summer vacation that got my girls thinking they wanted to share a room? Or maybe I'm just such a great mom that I foster togetherness and bonding in my children? Hmmm...well, anything's possible. With either scenario, Dave and I agreed to go along with their master plan. And we decided they would share my eldest Mila's room, because it's the bigger of the two. And Mini's room will (eventually) become a playroom.  

Both kids looove all things cats and so naturally, they asked us for a giant cat mural to be painted on their ceiling. This was not even ever an option. Instead, we went with something a little more sensible. We compromised with these adorable cat silhouette decals in light grey and a soft lilac shade called Hint of Violet by Benjamin Moore for the walls. It turns out those decals were a real test of patience to put up, but well worth it in the end. 
Mila already had this loft bed with space underneath that housed a desk. We replaced the desk with this bed, also from IKEA and it fits perfectly. I also added tulle curtains to the checkout. The trick is to add two panels per side for a thicker, more luxurious feel. 

The big challenge with the whole room sharing was where to put all of their clothes! Trying to avoid two giant dressers, I installed a closet organizer for Mila and placed Mini's dresser in the window nook. We replaced the drawer pulls with cuter ones from Lee Valley Tools

Now let's see how long this lasts....

Polka dot rug - H&M home
Cat pillow - Home Sense
Duvet cover - IKEA (USA only)
Lamp - Target
Art prints & frames - Indigo
Polka dot pillow - Pottery Barn Kids
Ceiling light fixture - Pottery Barn Kids
"Girls Rule" wall art - Target
Rose gold clip on lamp - IKEA


DesignNatalie Balen-Cinelli